The intricacy of technology adoption is a well studied yet confusing process. Change in healthcare specifically, can be brutal. New empires are created while others fall. Yet others adapt.

This article in JAMA — “Digital Health — The Need to Assess Benefits, Risks, and Value,” written by intelligent and well intentioned researchers, was published on December 20, 2020 and describes a “…buyer beware” approach to digital health.

Does it have good points? Yes, especially in the area of digital health cybersecurity. However, there’s little use in taking an overly cautious, alarmist view of digital health using standards that we don’t…

Health Behaviors are Just as Important as Masks

The 2020 Simulation

If Neil DeGrasse Tyson is right and we’re living in a massive computer simulation I suspect, given the COVID pandemic, our program is running on the alien equivalent of a cheesy slot machine at a tired Atlantic City casino.

“Casino Royale” Star Trek The Next Generation

Except, instead of BAR, Bells, and Cherries, we pull the handle only to have the wheels stop on increasingly worse COVID statistics pulled straight from the Hopkins COVID Dashboard. Wake up. Pull the handle. Wheels spin. Wheels stop. COVID cases get worse. Where’s the payout?

Aside from a small car fire I’m under the illusion, like most males, that I actually an above average -no-a superior driver. After all driving isn’t that hard…as Jeremy Clarkson says you can drive and talk and eat at the same time-how hard could it be. So, take a moment to visualize a dark and stormy night in May 2016 when a woman driving in an unfamiliar canadian town faithfully followed her car’s satellite navigation system straight into…wait for it…the ocean. Luckily she was able to quickly open her window and dog paddle to safety in 40 degree F water.

Ravi Komatireddy

Physician, Digital Health Entrepreneur, Troublemaker

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